Configurable, Modular, Intuitive.

Chestnut helps carriers by automating manual workflows, unlocking growth opportunities, and providing strategic insights

Producer Lifecycle

Comprehensive distribution management tailored to your business.

Supercharge your Core Systems

Extend your infrastructure to support your core businesses as well as expansion opportunities.

Made just for you

Increase flexibility
Dynamically align incentive structures with outcomes – infinitely customizable schedules, dynamic onboarding, rules, and more.
Engage your agents
Be top-of-mind with your producers like never before with our mobile-first agent app.
Leverage commissions as a growth driver. Spend less time on manual work and more investing in your business.
Minimize errors
Chestnut's transparent automation and robust logging systems enable unparalleled speed and control.
Reduce risk
We partner with you to rapidly prototype and adapt the Chestnut platform to fit your needs and existing systems.
Decrease cost
Our best-in-class platform gets even better over time through continuous updates, all while requiring minimal investment from you.

Integrated with the standard suite.

We are building the next generation of financial products and software for agents and advisors to help agents.
5 stars
Strengthen your distributor network

BGAs and IMOs love us.